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If you are new to booking live acts, but you know you want an unforgettable event, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together this list to help you understand everything you need to know about booking an artist!

  • What is your policy around Coronavirus?
    If your wedding is impacted by Covid, then we would work through the following process: 1) Work with you to find a new date that works, and then update the original booking to the new date 2) If for whatever reason the new date cannot be supported by the band, then we would work our roster to find another amazing band for your date 3) If we cannot find a suitable alternative band then we would look to refund 50% of the original booking fee to you. We recognise that COVID has affected couples and suppliers alike - this approach enables us to cover our overhead costs while ensuring the couple still gets something back :)
  • Why should I book with RG Artists?
    Quality & professionalism:All our bands, musicians & DJs are either hand-picked from hundreds of applicants or recommended to us personally. Each act is carefully vetted before being accepted onto our books and we continually monitor client feedback to ensure the highest standards are being met. Peace of mind: When you book through us, we'll draw up a secure agreement between you and the act. In the very unlikely event that an act is forced to cancel or is prevented from reaching your venue, our live music guarantee means we’ll find you a similar replacement act of equal quality.
  • Can I see an act perform live before booking?
    As most of our acts only play at private weddings and functions, which are closed to the general public, it isn’t usually possible to see them live before you book. It may be possible to see them at a pub or club gig or a live band showcase but these are rare: our acts are full-time, professional musicians in high-demand throughout the year.
  • I'm worried about booking an act I've never seen live.
    Don't worry – we've done the hard part for you! We’ve spent years collecting the highest quality bands, musicians & DJs in the UK and continually monitor them to ensure they keep up their standards, so you can rely on us to provide you with an act you’ll love. If you still need reassurance, many of our acts have live audio demos and video footage available, and you can also read feedback from previous customers.
  • What is included in the quoted price?
    Once we receive your enquiry, we'll send you a final price for the act and this will include all extra costs such as travel and VAT, unless stated otherwise.
  • How long will the act play for?
    Most acts will play for up to two hours, and this is usually divided into either two 60-minute or three 40-minute sets. In our experience, this is usually enough time for evening receptions finishing at midnight. However, longer performances can be arranged for an extra charge. Solo acts can usually be booked for one hour (eg. a wedding ceremony), two hours (eg. a ceremony & drinks reception) or three hours (eg. a ceremony, reception and wedding breakfast).
  • Can we choose which songs the act will play?
    Most acts will have their own repertoire. You can send through a list of your favourite songs from the act’s repertoire and the act will do their best to include these in their performance. Please bear in mind the act may not be able to play all of your requests because they will need to consider dynamics, pacing and transitions between songs on the day. They might also need to make changes to the set during the performance to suit the audience.
  • Will the act learn a song that isn't in their repertoire?
    Most of our acts are happy to learn one new song (such as a first dance) for no extra charge, as long as they think the song would work with their line-up. However, if they are unlikely to play the song again, or you request more than one song, they might charge an extra fee to cover the rehearsal time.
  • Will we need to provide any equipment?
    No – all our bands, musicians and DJs provide all the equipment they need. Most bands' sound systems are suitable for up to 200 guests, and many bands provide stage lighting too.
  • How much space will the act need?
    As a guide, a 4/5 piece band will usually need a stage space measuring 4 metres wide and 3 metres deep.
  • Does the act need a raised stage?
    A raised stage can help an act make a bigger impact, but as long as you can provide a level performance area that meets their minimum space requirement, this is enough.
  • How much power will the act need?
    Most acts won’t need more than 5 kilowatts (5000 watts), and usually use a lot less than this. Most acts need at least two independent, domestic-style 13-amp plug sockets, and one socket is usually enough for soloists, duos and trios. Ideally, the sockets should be either side of the performance area, but most acts will carry extension cables.
  • Our venue uses a sound limiter - is this a problem?
    Sound limiters or meters are designed to restrict the amount of noise a band can create during their performance, and more and more venues are using them. Most acts are happy to work with a sound limiter set at approximately 95db or higher.
  • When will the act arrive?
    Bands performing in the evening usually arrive and set up from around 5pm or 6pm. If you want the band to arrive earlier than the time specified on their page, you will need to pay extra fees. Acts performing in the afternoon would usually arrive 45 to 90 minutes before the start of their performance.
  • How long will the act take to set up their equipment?
    Most bands need an hour to an hour and a half to unload their equipment, set it up and do a sound-check (which means playing through a couple of songs to check the volume is right for each instrument). The act might need longer if there are lifts or stairs at your venue, or the performance area is more than 75ft from the venue's unloading area. We strongly recommend allowing as much time as possible for the band's soundcheck, so the band can work with the venue's acoustics to get the best levels.
  • Does it matter if my guests arrive at the same time as the band?
    It is best if the band can set-up and sound-check in an empty room, before your guests have arrived. However, if your guests have already arrived when the band arrive, and you don’t want to pay an early set-up fee, don't panic: bands can set up in the same room as your guests and will always do their best to avoid disturbing your guests. If the band has to set up during drinks or dinner, it is best if they can use a side or back entrance close to the stage, so that they don’t have to carry equipment through the reception or dining area. Even if your guests arrive before the band, the band will still need 10-15 minutes to sound check.
  • Can we speak to the act directly when we’ve booked?
    We deal with all the arrangements on behalf of the act until three weeks before your event, when the act will call you to confirm the details for the day. Let us know if you'd like to speak to the act before this, and we’ll try to arrange it.
  • How do I make changes to my booking?
    If you'd like to request any songs, change the timings of your event, add extra musicians or make any other changes, put these in an email to and we'll make all the arrangements. Always contact us rather than the act to make changes, so that we can put these in writing and re-issue your agreement if necessary. Certain changes, such as an earlier set-up or an additional act member, can mean an increase in fees.
  • What happens if an act or act member has to cancel?
    In the unlikely event that an act member is ill or can’t attend on the day, the act will find another musician to take his or her place. In the highly unlikely event that an entire act can’t attend, we’ll find a suitable replacement act in a similar style, within the same price range, from our extensive selection of high quality bands, musicians and DJs.
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